Name: Robert Van Pelt
Title: Managing Director
Phone: 812-537-1347

Robert (Bob) Van Pelt is an experienced Financial Professional, who has spent the last thirty-two years advising clients in common sense ways to preserving their assets and adjusting their risk profile to help insure a stress free retirement.  He has been president of three different Registered Broker Dealers and also been the CEO of a Securities and Exchange Commission Registered Investment Advisor.  He has worked for the last ten years with Francois Fiset to develop innovative ways to market financial services to their respective customers.


He is a graduate of Boston College, attended the Columbia School of Business and is a graduate of the Russian program at Defense Language Institute sponsored by the US State Department.  He uses all these skills to help maximize his client’s investment returns, utilizes tax efficient strategies, but always within each individual’s risk profile.  He has a special interest and expertise in the Social Security* System and the opportunities and role it plays in every person’s retirement planning.   His mantra is “Retirement is about Cash Flow and the ability to pay your bills for life”


Bob has been married for 34 years and enjoys spending time with his wife, and two grown children and their black Lab Jack.