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Ten Smart Ideas For A Slightly Crazy World

 Listed are the current seminars scheduled.  Please be sure to call our office to make a reservation, as seating is limited.  Please specify the following information when calling: place of seminar, date, your name, address and phone number and the number of people attending.

Check our schedule often for our 2015 list of seminars in your area.      


Check our schedule often for added seminars.  More will be added soon.



If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you are invited to attend Francois Fiset's classes, where you'll learn the surprising answers to these and many other financial questions.

Are you retired or close to retirement?

Do you have taxable income of $100,000 or more?

Do you have a 401(k)/retirement account with a previous employer?

Do you worry about running out of money during retirement?

Would you like to find new ways to reduce taxes on Social Security?

Do you worry about not being able to afford the high expenses of a nursing home?

Are you tired of seeing your investments go up and down like a roller coaster?

Would you like to compound the income from your investments on a tax favorable basis?