Francois Fiset is a local financial expert with national training. As a Registered Financial Consultant, he assists investors in preserving their capital, increasing their income, and more profitably organizing their investments.  Francois is also the financial advisor for the members of Presidents Federal Credit Union, Community Spirit Credit Union, C & O United Credit Union and the customers of Dearborn Savings Bank and Miami Savings Bank.

Francois has been working with investors for over 27 years. As a graduate of University of Cincinnati with two Bachelor degrees in Finance and Economics, he strives to increase the cash flow and net worth while reducing taxes for his clients. He benefits his clients through planning, perspective, and personal service.

When Francois is not helping clients, he spends time with his two daughters, Suzanne and Isabelle. A native of Canada, Francois now calls Indiana home, where he enjoys traveling, shooting, skiing, and hunting.



Francois Fiset  LLC BBB Business Review